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ยท One min read
Stephen Murphy

The KiCAD project template just got even easier to use! The docs have had a new addition made for the template explaining how to configure and get designing quickly. It also documents several of the new features added that will increase the quality of life when developing KiCAD projects. To summarize - the template is pre-configured with the smallest possible tolerances while staying in the PCBWay standard stackup, allowing the most versatility while designing without costing too much money. A util/ folder has been added with a few python scripts making it easier to generate useful BOMs from a somewhat finicky system that KiCAD currently uses. Lastly a Github workflow has been added to automate the release process outputing your schematic, .step file of the board, Gerbers and your BOM. All of these artifacts are automatically uploaded to a Github release which has been tagged with the revision found in your PCB design files.

These features and workflows have been tested and documented but please reach out and create an issue if you have any trouble.

Happy tinkering!